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Gatorland, Florida, is renowned for its thrilling shows that use its resident animals. These unique activities are perfect for the whole family, and participants can range from any age! Rolling out new attractions and animal exhibits all the time, Gatorland guarantees you a fun-packed visit no matter what your age.

Enjoy a day of thrills and spills at this fantastic family park – no two visits will ever be the same!

Lady having fun at the Screaming Gator Zipline
Gator posing for the camera at Gatorland

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Since its inception in 1949, Gatorland has been offering visitors the chance to experience its colorful offerings, billed as the “Alligator Capital of the World.” Beyond its alligator origins, Gatorland offers countless other exciting activities that will leave you stunned. Watch captivating reptile shows featuring native animals, explore a breeding marsh and bird rookery to observe natural habitats in action, and make your way through the swamp/nature walk to appreciate Gatorland’s diverse flora and fauna, or bring out your wild child at the petting zoo.

Not done having fun yet? Soar above it all with a zipline tour or cool off at their waterpark – they even have crocodiles! All these activities await you in one convenient location – Gatorland is your go-to place for an unforgettable adventure for the entire family!

Best Gatorland Experiences

Screaming Gator Zipline

Man having fun at the Screaming Gator Zipline

Embarking on a thrilling journey? Look no further than this 1200-feet long cable ride! A heart-pounding adrenaline rush is guaranteed as you soar above the aviaries of crocodiles. But fear not – safety is the highest priority, and regular maintenance on all equipment ensures an easygoing experience for all. Before your memorable ride, you’ll have a quick session where professionals will provide an overview of how to enjoy the activity safely. Adventurers of all ages are welcome — parents must accompany children below eight. So get ready to witness breathtaking views that will leave you wanting more!

Dress Code

Closed-toe shoes

Height & Weight Requirement

36″ and 275 lbs

Age Requirement


Stomping Gator Out Off-Road Adventure

Stomping Gator Out Off-Road Adventure at Gatorland FL

Unleash your inner adventurer and explore the wilds of Gatorland from the seat of one of its custom-built vehicles! Choose between Swamp Ghost, Bonecrusher, or Cannibal Jake to take a journey through swamplands full of alligators. Each vehicle has an exciting backstory – discover which legendary gators inspired these names as you ride into a thrilling world beyond imagination!

Height Requirement


Aviod If

  • Recent Surgery
  • Neck & Back Problems
  • Pregnant

Gator Gauntlet

Lady enjoying the Gator Gauntlet at Gatorland

Take your adrenaline to new heights with an extraordinary journey through the air! Buckle up and fly 350 feet above a breathtaking alligator Breeding Marsh, home to 130 giant gators looking up from below. Dare yourself for one wild ride you’ll never forget!

Dress Code

Closed-toe shoes

Height & Weight Requirement

36″ and 275 lbs

Age Requirement


The Best Way To Use Your Gatorland Orlando Military Discount?

Gatorland was transformed by the introduction of a celebrity croc called Bone Crusher. Weighing over half a ton, this enormous 15-ft-long predator has been declared the world’s largest captive crocodile by naturalist and former Gatorland creator Owen Godwin. Yet, despite his intimidating appearance and size, audiences have reported that Bone Crusher calmly poses for selfies and gently accepts offerings from his adoring fans as he relaxes in his private pool at Gatorland. Beneath the fearsome façade lies an amusingly docile character that guests never forget – this is precisely why Gatorland has become such an incredible success since Bone Crusher’s debut there!

Gatorland Statue at Entrance
Gator Statue throughout gatorland
red circle mousetyme
blue circle mousetyme

The History of Gatorland

In 1947, Owen Godwin Sr. created something truly remarkable out of a tiny hole in the backyard of his home in Sebring, Florida: an alligator pit. It didn’t take long for people to start flocking to it, and his wife Pearl opened up her own shop right there, selling products made with gator hides, such as belts and keychains. That’s when Godwin had an idea: create a wildlife attraction that would show off the amazing animals native to Florida. He turned that idea into reality by purchasing a large plot of land near Kissimmee, and soon Wild Florida was born! Not only did he want visitors to be able to observe these incredible creatures, but he also gained an understanding and appreciation for them so they could ultimately be protected.

Best Gatorland Shows For Your Low Gatorland Orlando Admission Prices

Gator Jumparoo Show

Gator Jumparoo Show event at Gatorland Orlando Florida

Come witness the jaw-dropping spectacle of the Gator Jumparoo Show! Get ready to be amazed as these powerful real giant alligators show off their incredible strength and agility.

Legends of the Swamp

Legends of the Swamp Activity at Gatorland FL

Experience an epic adventure like never before in Legends of the Swamp! Join a courageous hero as he encounters colossal creatures out of your wildest dreams. Get ready for an action-packed show that you won’t want to miss!

Up Close Encounters

Up close encounters show at Gatorland

Explore the thrilling and wild world of up close encounters! Live dangerously by having unexpected meetings with everything from gentle bunnies to dangerous snakes.

Adventure Hour

Adventure Hour Survivors at Gatorland FL

Dare to go beyond the ordinary and make memories that last a lifetime at Adventure Hour! Get up close and personal with an alligator while capturing hilarious moments without the risk of becoming his lunch. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience.

Gator Night Lights

Gator Night Lights activity at Gatorland Orlando

A unique adventure awaits when the stars come out and night takes over! Follow in the footsteps of brave explorers as you journey into an alligator-inhabited marshland. Journey along wood pathways lit only by your flashlight while being on alert for bright red eyes peering up from below —creepy, yet thrilling! Conquer your fears with at least five fearless friends to complete this hourlong excursion that will keep pulses racing and memories forever.

A Trainer For A Day

trainer for a day activity at Gatorland FL

Experience an unforgettable day becoming a professional alligator trainer! You’ll get the scoop on what it’s like backstage and meet incredible creatures up close and personal – while gaining valuable insight from a veteran pro into the exciting world of gator training. Plus, they’ll answer any burning questions about those famous Florida gator attacks!

Allie's Barnyard Petting and Feeding

Boy feeding goat at Gatorland Petting Zoo

Allie’s Barnyard is your one-stop spot for animal encounters! Get up close and personal with the farm critters, feeding them through the fence as children watch delightfully. This interactive experience will bring out their wonder and joy!

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