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Few places hold a more significant place in world history than the Kennedy Space Center, a US National Historic Landmark on Merritt Island. What was once a swampland field is now known worldwide as the launch site of every US human space flight since 1968, serving as a platform for space exploration and innovation. Over the years, numerous spacecraft have taken off from its grounds, boldly going where no other vehicle has. It remains an important hub of activity today and is integral to our ongoing journey into deep space.

NASA logo in front of Kennedy Space Center
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Cheap Kennedy Space Center Tickets

A trip to the Kennedy Space Center is a must for space enthusiasts – it’s full of fascinating stories about the people and organizations behind major exploration achievements. Exploring the Kennedy Space Center is an inspiring journey through space history, bringing visitors face-to-face with the people and organizations who have been instrumental in pushing us beyond Earth’s atmosphere In addition, its unique artifacts and interactive exhibits truly remind us how far our capabilities to explore space can take us!

The Kennedy Space Center is truly a unique experience that should not be missed. Step foot into the facility and you will be transported to a galaxy of exploration and discovery. From nostalgic tales about the very beginnings of mankind’s mission to the moon to awe-inspiring reenactments of launches, you will come away from your trip with an appreciation for how far humanity has come in its space exploration journey. Visiting the Kennedy Space Center is incredibly educational and equally thrilling, so when those famous words “launch” are uttered, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for takeoff!

Best Kennedy Space Center Attractions

Heroes & Legends

Heroes and Legends at Kennedy Space Center

Venture into the Heroes & Legends Museum to explore the iconic stories of astronauts who have pushed boundaries and risked it all for space exploration. Journey through a full-scale replica of Gemini 9, feel an adrenaline rush with a simulated rocket launch, and take your seat in an authentic shuttle cockpit – all condensed within one extraordinary museum! Alongside interactive exhibits bursting with knowledge about America’s pioneering heroes is a theater where you can watch breathtaking documentaries on space exploration, making this educational experience truly out of this world!



45 minutes






IMAX Theatre

IMAX Building at Kennedy Space Center

Get ready to explore the journey through the stars! At Kennedy Space Center’s IMAX Theatre, you can experience state-of-the-art projection technology and surround sound that will transport you into a world of knowledge about America’s space exploration. Whether it be viewing awe inspiring documentaries or learning more educational facts about its journeys in outer space – this is an unforgettable way to immerse yourself into a new realm of adventure! So don’t miss out – get your ticket today for an extraordinary cinematic ride beyond Earth.



60 minutes


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Rocket Garden

Rocket Garden at Kennedy Space Center

Step into the past with a visit to the Rocket Garden, an out-of-this-world tourist spot at The Center! Take in inspiring sights and learn about our ever-evolving understanding of space travel by viewing rockets from yesteryear arranged chronologically. Plus, don’t miss seeing a model of the International Space Station that provides insight into what it’;s like living in outer space today! Explore this one-of-a kind destination for an unforgettable experience.





Apollo 8 and The Firing Room

Apollo 8 and Firing Room at Kennedy Space Center Orlando

Relive the launch of the first crewed NASA mission to orbit the Moon in 1968 aboard the massive Saturn V rocket at the Firing Room Theater. Experience the countdown for Apollo 8 facing the actual consoles used during the Apollo launches as you see and feel the powerful Saturn V Moon rocket lift off from the launch pad and blast into space.



20 minutes

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Kennedy Space Center Bus Tours



Atlantis Building at Kennedy Space Center
Family walking around NASA
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The History of the Kennedy Space Center

NASA kicked off an era of exploration in 1961 when it purchased land near Cape Canaveral to create the Launch Operations Center. In 1963, President Lyndon Johnson renamed this center after John F. Kennedy as a tribute and testament to our nation’s commitment to space exploration.

Kennedy Space Center has long been the epicenter of human space exploration – since its construction in the late 1960s, NASA’s Launch Complex 39 and Vehicle Assembly Building have facilitated many historic launches. Facing a new era of commercial partners entering this industry, KSC adapts to meet their needs while continuing its mission as one of humanity’s most admired vessels for progress.

Make The Most Of Your Visit And Use Your Kennedy Space Center Discount

Since the Gemini and Apollo programs sparked public interest in space exploration, a drive-through tour of Cape Canaveral Space Force Station was offered for Sunday afternoon sightseeing. But by 1965, that wasn’t enough; visitors wanted to get closer to their rocket heroes! So plans were drawn up for an expansion into Kennedy Space Center.

In 1966 curiosity seekers got their wish with a temporary visitor center opening across the river from KSC – complete with interactive exhibits and bus tours providing an immersive experience of both locations. It’s no surprise why this soon became one of Florida’s top tourist attractions!

After a groundbreaking private concessioner takeover in 1995, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has evolved into an incredible space exploration and adventure destination. With ticket sales funding transformative updates like the interactive Apollo/Saturn V center opening within restricted areas, visitors have had unprecedented access to NASA’s storied history. Now guests can meet with veteran astronauts face-to-face and stand mere feet away from iconic spacecraft such as Atlantis – making it one of Florida’s most sought-after attractions!

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