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Kids and their families can finally experience their favorite cartoon character, Peppa Pig, like never before. In 2022, the much-anticipated Peppa Pig Theme Park opened its doors. This inventive and exciting park brings children into a world they’ve come to know and love. But, instead of being surrounded by massive crowds and endless lines, this park caters explicitly to children six years of age and under – offering family-friendly attractions such as rides, shows, activities, dining options, and interactive experiences that bring to life the beloved characters from the Peppa Pig series.

Children Holding Peppa Pig and George Hands throughout the Peppa Pig Theme Park in Orlando FL
Celebrating Peppa Pig Theme Park Grand Opening

About Peppa Pig Florida Theme Park

If you haven’t heard of Peppa Pig, it’s time to get on board! This charming piglet has taken the world by storm with her animated exploits. From America to Britain and beyond, toddlers everywhere are enamored by this four-year-old porcine star. Even more remarkable is that these young fans have picked up British phrases such as “give it a go,” “petrol,” and even Father Christmas – all thanks to their beloved “Peppalution”!

Kids will love visiting the scaled-down environment where they can immerse themselves in all that is ‘Peppa Pig’ – and parents will be grateful for the decreased level of chaos due to everything being tailored just for their little ones.

The park is next to Legoland Florida Theme Park and is part of the Legoland Florida resort. The resort is in Winter Haven, which is about 75 minutes from Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld Orlando.

The Peppa Pig theme park hits the perfect spot for families searching for a wondrous day trip. It is located conveniently between the theme parks of Orlando and Tampa! Not only is Peppa Pig park right next door to Legoland Florida Theme Park, but it has its own gate and requires an entirely different ticket. So whether planning a day or a weekend getaway, choose this one-stop destination for innovative and exciting family fun!

The Best Rides & Attractions at Peppa Pig Theme Park

Peppa and George’s favorite activity, jumping into muddy puddles, is brought to life at the Muddy Puddles Splash Pad! It’s like a mini water park where kids can explore small slides, fountains, and geysers while they get soaked. Parents should come prepared with swimsuits & towels – changing rooms are available, but there are no lockers.

Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster is a thrilling experience for first-time coaster riders. The gentle ride features booster wheels propelling the train up and around Peppa’s house, giving passengers an exclusive peek inside! As one of three rides requiring guests to be 36 inches or taller to board, Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster promises exciting excitement with two circuits per ride. Step into the whimsical world of Grampy Rabbit with a journey through time and space. Hop aboard dinosaur themed ride vehicles to explore an enchanting set full of pint-sized thrills that are perfect for all ages!

For the more adventurous, set off on an exciting voyage aboard Grandad Dog’s Pirate Boat Ride. Brave adventurers can then brave Mr. Bull’s High Striker – a mini drop tower that will make your heart soar! Next, Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride will lift you into the air in hot air balloon vehicles as they spin and twirl, while little ones can take it slow with George’s Tricycle Trail or pedal away to glory at Peppa’s Pedal Bike Tour – where kids provide their own power along a nature trail filled with scenic views of forests and mountains alike!


Cooling off at the Cinema at Peppa Pig Theme Park in Orlando FL

Take a break from the outdoor fun and relax on a beanbag with your little piggies to unwind while watching some of your favorite episodes of Peppa Pig!

Height Requirement


Fun Fair

Fun fair Sign at Peppa Pig Theme Park FL

Roll up, Roll up! Meet peppa and her friends for a fariground adventure, full of FREE games for the whole family to enjoy.

Height Requirement


Muddy Puddles Splash Pad

Muddy Puddles Splash Pads at Peppa Pig Theme Park

Have an oinktastic time with Peppa and George doing their favorite thing: jumping up and down in “Muddy Puddles”! This lively play area has spouting fountains, slides and other watery surprises to keep the play super splashey and fun!

Height Requirement


Daddy Pig's Roller Coaster

Daddy Pig's Roller Coaster at Peppa Pig Theme Park Orlando

Join Daddy Pig on an unexpected adventure ride in his newly cleaned red car! But watch out, Mr. Bull is digging up the road, and Daddy Pig knows a short cut!

Height Requirement


Grandad Dog's Pirate Boat Ride

Grandad Dog's Pirate Boat Ride Attraction

You and your little ones can enjoy a boat ride with Grandad Dog as you set sail for Pirate Island, to dig for buried treasure and build your own sandcasltes on its sandy beaches!

Height Requirement


Mr. Bull's High Striker

Mr. Bull's High Striker Attraction at Peppa Pig theme park

Test your strength on Mr. Bull’s hammer and bell ride! Once this hammer hits the bell on Mr. Bull’s High Striker, you and your family will lift straight up to the sky. Be prepared for a surprise because, after all, what goes up, must come down on this kid-friendly drop ride!

Height Requirement


Peppa Pig's Balloon Ride

You won the Fun Fair raffle! Now you and your family can soar, ‘fkying high, in the sky’ above the clouds with Peppa Pig in Miss Rabbit’s hot air balloon! Hold on tight and enjoy the amazing views of Peppa Pig Theme Park from the very top of this family-friendly aeriel carousel ride!

Height Requirement


George's Tricycle Trail & Peppa's Pedal Bike Tour

George's Tricycle Trail & Peppa's Pedal Bike Tour Activity at Peppa Pig Theme Park

Little ones will pedal their way through a camping adventure in the woods, through icy mountains to see the sights, smells and sounds of the great outdoors! Smaller cyclists can enjoy George’s shorter pedal path adventure on tricycles built just for them!

Height Requirement


Mother and Daughter ride attraction at Peppa Pig Theme Park
Peppa Pig and her friends welcome you into the Theme Park
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The Peppa Pig Florida theme park is leading the way in accommodating guests living with Autism. With certified autism center status, not only are they providing a safe and accessible environment for all, they are creating a unique sensory guide to help those visiting with Autism better experience each aspect of the park. The guide contains helpful tips on light exposure, avoiding loud noises, and other sensory triggers that can be anticipated when exploring this family-friendly fun spot. This innovative approach will ensure that everyone can enjoy the full scope of Peppa’s world!

Even more exciting…

At MouseTyme, we are proud to offer an inclusive vacation experience for everyone! We strive to make every trip special, so we have received certification as an Autism Center. Our team comprises Certified Autism Travel Professionals who are knowledgeable in providing exceptional service and accommodation to guests with Autism. Our goal is for the travel experience – from booking to departure – to be truly enjoyable and adapted to each of our guests’ needs. We are excited to be able to provide specialized assistance for our guests with Autism so that everyone can have a safe and exciting vacation!

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