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SeaWorld Orlando is the ultimate aquatic theme park and an unforgettable experience. Here, visitors will find everything from new attractions to captivating animal encounters – ranging from sea turtles, dolphins, and sharks to walruses, polar bears, and alligators. With exciting rides such as Manta, Kraken Unleashed, and Mako, SeaWorld Orlando offers hours of fun for the entire family! Plus, with a variety of shows, including “Dolphin Days”,  “Clyde & Seamore’s Sea Lion High” and “Blue Horizon Dolphin Spectacular – Show”,  you can bet there’s something special in store at this unique theme park.

People enjoying the thrilling Journey to Atlantis
Family enjoying Aquatica tube ride

Best SeaWorld Attractions

Craving an adrenaline rush? SeaWorld Orlando has you covered! Get ready to be whisked away on a wild ride of roller coasters, water slides, and more. Experience fresh thrills with the brand-new Mako or Ice Breaker coasters, plunge down treacherous rapids in Infinity Falls, and more!

SeaWorld Orlando is the perfect family park because it offers something special for everyone! From thrilling rides to interactive animal habitats, the park features innovative attractions that bring excitement and a sense of awe. So whether you’re feeding stingrays in the tropical Shark Encounter Bay or going on a mission to help rescue baby manatees with the Manatee Rescue attraction, there is no shortage of thrilling experiences! Plus, with various shows like Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island, kids can enjoy age-appropriate entertainment while parents have fun exploring. In addition, SeaWorld Orlando offers entertainment and education, making it an ideal destination for the entire family.

Top SeaWorld Rides and Attractions

Sky Tower

Skytower at SeaWorld Orlando FL

The 400-foot Sky Tower has stood as an icon for SeaWorld since it opened in summer 1974. Today the Sky Tower adds a dose of retro-cool to the day’s adventures.

Get a seabird’s eye view of Orlando during this leisurely capsule ride, and take a load off as you plot the rest of your day in the park.

Height Requirement


Journey to Atlantis

Journey To Atlantis Water Ride at SeaWorld Orlando FL

Water ride enthusiasts are in for a thrill as this mythical paradise reveals its darker side.

This exciting flume ride/roller coaster hybrid treats you to more than its share of surprises as you explore dark, watery passageways through the sunken city before being flung from its gates down a thrilling plunge into the waters below.

Height Requirement


Dolphin Adventures

Dolphin Adventures Show at SeaWorld Orlando

Smart, playful, and found right off the coast of Florida, bottlenose dolphins are well-known ocean ambassadors here at SeaWorld. But there’s much more to their story, as you’ll discover in this fascinating new presentation at Dolphin Stadium. Explore their natural behaviors and the traits they’ve evolved to help them survive and thrive. Hear what’s behind their playfulness and how it helps us make discoveries. Learn the role they play in our planet’s oceans, as well as the threats they face. Experience every thrilling moment and take away inspiring insights about caring for our natural world, only at Dolphin Adventures.

Splash Level




Orca Encounter

Orca Encounter Show at SeaWorld Orlando

See orcas in the first experience of its kind. Dive deeper into the orcas masterful hunting techniques and complex communication codes. Learn about the role of family, the importance of play and what we learn from the whales in our care every day is actively helping whales in the wild survive. Witness natural orca behaviors while an expansive infinity screen brings their story to life. Leave with a deeper connection to one of the sea’s mightiest, most magnificent animals.

Splash Level




Infinity Falls

Infinity Falls Water Ride at SeaWorld Orlando

Climb aboard your raft and prepare to get soaked while reaching peak excitement on Infinity Falls™, only at SeaWorld® Orlando. Wind your way around flowing fountains, surprise geysers and breathtaking waterfalls as you explore tropical ruins-themed surroundings with your fellow raft-mates. Then hang on as roaring world-class rapids send you flying through thrilling chutes and splashing turns before plunging you down one of the tallest drop of its kind into churning whitewater.

Height Requirement

42″ – 77″

Super Grover's Box Car Derby

Super Grover's Box Car Derby Roller Coaster at SeaWorld FL

Sesame Street’s own furry superhero wants you behind the wheel for a racing good time at Super Grover’s Box Car Derby.

Get ready… get set… Super Grover’s great box car race is about to begin! This family-friendly coaster is full of fun hills, big turns, and mini-dives! This action-packed race is the perfect first steel roller coaster for kids and adults!

Height Requirement



Mako Roller Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando FL

Ride Mako®, a hyper coaster known for high speeds, deep dives, and thrills around every turn.

Named for one of the ocean’s fastest known sharks, this roller coaster speeds up to 73 mph and up to 200 feet high. Surge through ship wreck reef on Orlando’s tallest and fastest roller coaster.

Height Requirement


Thrill Level


Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker Roller Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando FL

SeaWorld’s first launch coaster is now open!

Named after the icy Arctic summits, Ice Breaker features four airtime filled launches, both backwards and forwards, culminating in a reverse launch into the steepest beyond vertical drop in Florida – a 93 feet tall spike with 100 degree angle. The thrills continue as riders fly over a near vertical tophat maneuver into a series of exciting twists, turns, and airtime hills.

Height Requirement


Thrill Level



Manta Roller Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando FL

Find out what it’s like to spin, glide, skim and fly like a giant ray when you experience the only flying roller coaster of its kind in Florida.

Riders are taunted by a head-first, face-down inverted nosedive… and that’s just the beginning. Experience the full force and power of riding the high seas, all on one of the smoothest tracks in the world.

Height Requirement


Thrill Level



Kraken Roller Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando FL

Orlando’s only floorless roller coaster – is themed after a massive, mythological underwater beast unleashed from the depths of the sea. Riders’ feet dangle as they travel in open-sided seats, riding on a pedestal above the track at highway speeds to heights of more than 150 feet.

Height Requirement


Thrill Level


Soldiers saluting on top of roller coaster during sunset
veteran with his daughter at SeaWorld
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One of the best things about SeaWorld is its military and family-friendly nature. They’re all about giving back to those who serve our country. And that’s part of what makes this thrilling Orlando attraction a must-visit. So, whether you’re looking for SeaWorld military discounts or SeaWorld passes for teachers, you can find it all with the Orlando theme park entertainment pros at MouseTyme.

SeaWorld Orlando is the perfect park for the whole family! From amazing rollercoasters to interactive marine experiences, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. With the new Infinity Falls water coaster, your adrenaline will flow as you plunge over a record-breaking drop into  raging rapids. Meanwhile, more relaxed family members can splash around in Explorer’s Reef, with touch pools and educational activities designed to teach kids about conservation and ocean life – all while having fun! SeaWorld Orlando has developed cutting-edge attractions that explore fascinating realms of natural science and animal behavior, ensuring each visit is an innovative and exciting experience sure to delight your group.

Best Way to make the most of your Discounted SeaWorld Orlando Tickets?

With our expert itinerary, of course!

SeaWorld is a park that has both attractions and shows, like what can be found at other parks in Orlando. For example, at Disney, the Jedi Training attraction occurs at specific times throughout the day.

Other parks have shows that are cool but not necessary. They are complementary, which means they add to the experience but are not essential. At SeaWorld, the shows are the central part of the park. You need to organize your day at SeaWorld around performance times. That is why we recommend getting a quick queue ticket. This ticket allows you to join the quick queue at various rides.

This means you will spend less time waiting in line and can do more things. So, our 1-day SeaWorld expert itinerary can help!


  1. Blanket
  2. Sky Tower (Optional)
  3. Mako
  4. Infinity Falls (Optional)
  5. Orca Encounter
  6. Ice Breaker


  1. Shark Underwater Grill
  2. Dine with Shamu
  3. Voyager’s Smokehouse
  4. Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen


  1. Wild Arctic
  2. Journey To Atlantis
  3. Kraken
  4. Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin (Optional)
  5. Dolphin Days
  6. Stingray Lagoon

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